ShowBox for Smart TV | Download ShowBox Apk App on Smart TV

ShowBox for Smart TV: Online movie services is growing rapidly. There are lots of apps and websites which provides unlimited contents streaming service. Lately there are tons of apps which provides great movies and TV shows for movies online. Some of them even provide free movies and TV shows. So out of all these great apps for Android and iOS devices we are going to talk about one such app which is very popular as well as a great movie streaming app. The name of the app is ShowBox and I’m sure a lot of you guys have already heard or used this app.

So out of all these great apps for Android and iOS devices we are going to talk about one such app which is very popular as well as a great movie streaming app. The name of the app is ShowBox and I’m sure a lot of you guys have already heard or used this app. Our smartphones screen size is competitively smaller then the average TV size. So it would be a better idea if we can stream all those services on our television which we are getting in ShowBox. ShowBox is primarily a smartphone app but with lots of new and intuitive updates you can stream ShowBox contents on your television also. Wanna know how? Then stick to this article and keep reading the article till the end.

I will tell you about the Showbox app on smart TV and how you can connect ShowBox to your smartphone. The idea of streaming ShowBox content is great and with some methods, you can also be familiar with connecting ShowBox to your smart television.

ShowBox for Smart TV | Download ShowBox App on Smart TV

ShowBox :

Showbox is an online movie streaming app for both Android and iOS platform. There are thousands of movies available in ShowBox. You can stream any Movie from the wide range of choices. If you love watching movies on your television then Showbox can be your mini television and you can use it when your television is not around. There are TV shows and other shows available in ShowBox which you can stream for free.


There are various categories of movies available for you in ShowBox such as romantic, action, sci-fi and comedy etc. Showbox categorized it’s contents separately so that you can find them easily. Also there is a search bar where you can specifically search for the movie or TV show that you want to watch. Showbox is a great streaming service for movies and TV shows. The streaming is fast and reliable. The movies and TV shows can be streamed in High definition with high quality audio. Navigating through different area of the ShowBox app is also easy because the user interface of Showbox is simple and great.

There are other great alternate apps for Showbox like MovieBox and Cinema Box etc. But what makes Showbox different and unique from these movie streaming apps is that Showbox support Chromecast service. You can watch all the contents of ShowBox in your television.

You can stream movies to your television without the use of Chromecast or any cast. For this, you need to have full featured Android smart TV. Please note that this method works for all the popular smart TVs like Samsung smart TV, LG Smart TV, Hisense Smart TV, Sony smart TV and many other good smart TVs like Vizio, Micromax, Panasonic etc.

Steps : ShowBox for Smart TV | ShowBox Apk App Download for Smart TV

Showbox is great tool for entertaining yourself. If you don’t want to use it as a streaming service to your television then you can just use the app on your smartphone and stream unlimited contents for free. But having this feature of streaming movies and TV shows of Showbox on your television is quite convenient and a great way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Hey fellas, This June 6, 2017 ShowBox has been updated new version 4.92. Download this latest ShowBox Apk version and install it on your respective ShowBox to enjoy the latest movies and TV Shows. We will update every ShowBox. Apk file here. So, Do Update With Us to get latest updates of ShowBox for Smart TV's to correct error's in your last apk versions.

    1. Open your Android TV settings and enable Unknown Sources by going to security tab. Enabling unknown sources on Android TV is just like Android smartphone so it is not difficult to do anything on Android TV.
    2. Now allow the installation by enabling unknown sources.
    3. Now go to the main menu of your Smart Android TV.
    4. Select Showbox in the main menu and install the app.
    5. install-showbox-apk-smart-tv
    6. Now open the app and you'll see the Showbox interface.
    7. You can choose any Movie and TV show. Start streaming movies instantly with even using smartphone or Chromecast.

ShowBox for Smart TV | Watch ShowBox App Movies on TV With ChromeCast

Showbox provides lots of great features to its users that why it is very popular app. Showbox supports Chromecast that means you can stream movies on your television via Showbox on your Smartphone. Make sure your television is compatible with Chromecast service. If it doesn’t then you might need a new television.

So now I will guide you how you can stream movies on your television via Chromecast. I will tell you how you can download AllCast which is a great alternative for Chromecast.

  • Using your Android smartphone, open Google play store.
  • On he search bar, type “Allcast” and tap on the search button
  • Now open the app page and tap on the install button.
  • Now open the Showbox app and disable internal player when trying to play any movie or TV show.
  • Now complete the action by tapping on AllCast. You'll see other options to complete the action but make sure to tap on AllCast
  • The Wi-Fi direct option will appear when the movie will start, now select on Chromecast which is connected to your smart TV.

The Chromecast service is great and you watch lots of movies and TV shows on your television in HD quality.

You can stream movies to your television without the use of Chromecast or any cast. For this, you need to have full featured Android smart TV. ShowBox on Android Smart tv devices makes us to watch most recent movies and first uploaded to servers before any app does.  In this 2017 -2018 year we must have latest and updated apk version to avoid most of the irritating errors which we were facing earlier. Latest ShowBox Apk version is 4.91 which got released into April 15, 2017 and with the file size of 39MB. ShowBox most trusted application for latest movies than any other competitor apps.  ShowBox Android App also supports for many devices like XBox 360/XBox One, PS4,  PS 3 but we will discuss those tutorial later as are sticking to this topic only ShowBox Android App on Smart TV for free.

ShowBox App Download on Smart TV | ShowBox Apk App on Android

  1. You need to have Showbox app before you do anything. Get showbox apk from above provided link.
  2. Or Tap on the search button and many websites will show up.
  3. Enter any website and download the Apk file of ShowBox.
  4. The Apk file of ShowBox will download in a few minutes.
  5. When the Apk file of ShowBox will download completely you'll get a notification.
  6. Go to settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it by tapping on it.
  7. Now open the notification and install the Apk file of ShowBox.
  8. The ShowBox will appear in your Android smartphone home screen.

ShowBox is compatible with Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean and above. Also make sure that you download the latest version of Showbox app which is ShowBox v 4.6.1. If you have any queries on ShowBox for Smart TV then do comment us in comments.



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